DITS GSM Finder [Cables, IC, Battery, LCD]

>DITS GSM Finder [Cables, IC, Battery, LCD]

More than 200 Cables Compatibility List professionally designed for many phone models and easy searchable, thus saving lots of time. More & more Cables are Added to the list frequently.

Integrated Circuit ( IC ) 

Almost all the IC’s compatible with different Phone Spare Parts are listed, weather it is for Ringer, Keypad, Display or any other. 


A Huge compatibility list of almost more than 100 batteries from different phone models will help you save time and work efficiently.


Now you dont have to waste time in struggling and finding out which LCD fits in all the models you have. We have a huge database of compatible LCDs that would make your task quite easier.


Get all the secret codes for different handsets.


 1. Download And Install 

2. Download And Extract to Program FilesDITSDITS GSM Finder

For Windows Vista And Windows 7

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