Nokia Pinout Selector in One EXE


Supported Pinouts Models
1100 Pinout
1202/1203/1661 Pinout
1680c Pinout
2220c Pinout
2330c/2323c Pinout
2600c/2630 Pinout
2680s Pinout
2700c Pinout
2720a Pinout
2730c pinout
2760 pinout
3109 Pinout
3110c Pinout
3120c Pinout
3200/6610/7210 Pinout
3250 Pinout
3500c Pinout
3600s Pinout
3610a Pinout
3650 Pinout
5100 Pinout
5130c Pinout
5140 Pinout
5200/5300 Pinout
5220c Pinout
5310 Pinout
5320d Pinout
5500 Pinout
5530 Pinout
5610d Pinout
5630 Pinout
5700 Pinout
5800d Pinout
6060 Pinout
6085 Pinout
6101 Pinout
6110n Pinout
6111 Pinout
6120c Pinout
6125 Pinout
6131 Pinout
6151 Pinout
6170 Pinout
6210s Pinout
6220c Pinout
6233 Pinout
6255 Pinout
6267 Pinout
6270 Pinout
6280 Pinout
6290 Pinout
6300 Pinout
6303c Pinout
6500c Pinout
6555 Pinout
6600 Pinout
6600s Pinout
6620 Pinout
6630 Pinout
6650d Pinout
6680 Pinout
6700c Pinout
6710s Pinout
6720c Pinout
6730 Pinout
6790s Pinout
6820 Pinout
7070 Pinout
7110s Pionout
7170 Pinout
7210c Pinout
7310c Pinout
7390 Pinout
7500 Pinout
7510a Pinout
7610s Pinout
7710 Pinout
8600 Pinout
8800 Pinout
9300 Pinout
9500 Pinout
E50 Pinout
E51 Pinout
E60 Pinout
E61 Pinout
E61i Pinout
E65 Pinout
E66 Pinout
E66i Pinout
E71 Pinout
E75 Pinout
E90 Pinout
N70 Pinout
N72 Pinout
N73 Pinout
N75 Pinout
N76 Pinout
N77 Pinout
N78 Pinout
N79 Pinout
N80 Pinout
N81 Pinout
N82 Pinout
N88 Pinout
N90 Pinout
N91 Pinout
N92 Pinout
N92i Pinout
N93 Pinout
N93i Pinout
N95 Pinout
N95 8GB Pinout
N96 Pinout
N97 Pinout
N97-4 {RM-555}
N900 Pinout
NGage Pinout
X6 Pinout
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