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With an easy-to-use interface and a powerful photo recovery engine that can recover even the most highly-fragmented photos, Adroit takes photo recovery to a whole new level. Adroit Photo Recovery is an easy-to-use application whcih can recover deleted photos from internal and external hard drives, USB sticks, memory cards, digital cameras, and disk images in three easy steps.

Simply point and click the drive or memory card to recover from and Adroit takes care of the rest. During recovery thumbnails of recovered photos stream through the screen. When recovery is complete Adroit groups the photos for easy navigation. Thumbnails and full preview of recovered images are also available.

Here are some key features of “Adroit Photo Recovery”:

· Recover from any device
Adroit can recover photos from any device, so long as it is readable. These include:
· Internal and external hard drives
· USB sticks
· CompactFlash cards
· SD cards
· Digital cameras
· Recover heavily fragmented photos
· A heavily used memory card or drive “fragments” photos during storage. Adroit excels at recovering fragmented photos. It can even recover fragmented photos from a formatted drive or memory card! Even the most expensive data recovery services cannot accomplish this unique featRecover from any file system
Adroit supports most common file systems used on memory cards and by Microsoft Windows, such as:
· FAT12
· FAT16
· FAT32
· It can also run in a file system-agnostic mode to recover photos stored on any other file system.Recover most common formats
Adroit recovers most common file formats in which photos are stored in:
· Canon RAW CR2
· Canon RAW CRW
· Nikon RAW Format
· Automatic (re)format detection
· Adroit automatically detects whether loss of photos was due to re-formating of a drive and tunes its recovery engine accordingly to recover photos from the formatted drive.The user interface guides you through the entire recovery process in just three clicks.
· Choose the drive/other device to recover photos from.
· Click “Recover My Photos” & watch the recovery unfold.
· Click “Save All” or flip through individual photos to save.

Installation :-

1. Unpack
2. Install
3. Copy crack in installation directory
4. Enjoy it !!!!!!!

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