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UBL OMNI Charges List

Remittance Charges Schedule     Amount                                                                          … Continue reading

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Omni SMS Commands: For SMS help: Help <command-name> e.g. Help Help pay Help paybill Note: “command-name” is optional. Without it, you get a list of Omni’s SMS commands. Buy prepaid cards: Buy <card> e.g. Buy J600 Share & send money: … Continue reading

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ATF v8.70 Update

Flashing Updates: —> Lumia 900 RM-808 and RM-823 Now Fully Supported and Tested –> Blocked Cross Flashing a X3-02.5 (RM-775) with a X3-02 (RM-639) Flash File –> Blocked Cross Flashing a C3-01.5 (RM-776) with a C3-01 (RM-640) Flash File –> … Continue reading

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Google Drive Launched, Get 5GB of Free Storage NOW

Finally Google has launched its cloud-based file storage service “Google Drive” to public. Its a free service which can be used to create, share, collaborate, and keep all of your stuff online. You can upload and access all of your … Continue reading

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Intel launches Ivy Bridge with 37 percent faster processing

  The long-awaited next generation of Intel processors has arrived. Intel announced its 22 nanometer processors, coded-named Ivy Bridge, at a press conference Monday. We all knew Ivy Bridge would be fast, but these new processors are about 37 percent … Continue reading

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Get Free $75 Google Adwords Coupon for Video Adwords Free Advertising

Google has officially launched its AdWords for video content. The popular search giant announced on today that it is offering a $75 in free advertising for over 500,000 businesses to advertise free of charge. If you are interested in getting … Continue reading

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یو بی ایل اومنی

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اپنے کمپیوٹر کو کسی بھی سافٹ ویئر میں اُردو لکھنے پڑھنے کے قابل بنایے


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Create Bootable USB Drive to Install Windows

  Today we are going to share free tool “Rufus” which allows you to format and create bootable USB drives for Windows and Linux which might come handy in following situations: Create USB installation media from bootable ISOs (Windows, Linux, … Continue reading

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Microsoft announces names of the Windows 8 editions

Microsoft has released the list of editions that Windows 8 will be sold in. As of now, there will be four editions, Windows 8, Windows 8 Pro, Windows 8 Enterprise and Windows RT.   Source        

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