Creat XP ghost image working on all computers


Hi all
i found a very nice program that has english GUI and makes syspreping
(then ghosting) of windows XP very easy and automatic.and the result works with
almost all kind of mainboards.

System Preparation Assisted Tool:At his time Spat6.0.0beta2 can be downloaded
from link below (9.83MB):

SkyDriver : At this Time SkyDriver 9.9 can be downloaded from links below:


1.This tutor will work just for drive C: ,So Install your favorite Windows XP
(sp2 or sp3) in drive C: (No different if you install or not install your
system drivers).

2.Istall all your favorite programs like Office,FireFox,7zip, and … and test
them to be sure they are working.

3.Install any windows updates that you need.

4.Make all your favorite customizations in your system.

5.Delete all unneeded files like files in temp folder and …then Empty Recycle bine.

6.Extract Spat6.0.0beta2.exe some where forexample your desktop.

7.Extract SkyDriver to C:Sysprep directory.

8.Make your favorite Back ground picture (800×600 0r 1024×768 24bit JPG) ,Name it
setup.jpg and put it in C:Sysprep directory. This is the background picture that
you will see after applying the final ghost image to any computer,during first Boot.
(See pic_01.jpg from attachment).

9.You can put more files inside C:Sysprep directory like directx and …that will
be run during 1st boot (If you give the assosiated commands that i will tell about
them during tutor) and will be added to your installed system automatically.

10.Run Spat6.0.0beta2.exe,If every thing is ready to begin,it will show message ,OK it.

11.The main page of Spat6 will be shown (See pic_02-A).Do as below:

_ A _ Go to general tab select all.

_ B _ click on “background picture” ,Then select C:Sysprepsetup.jpg ,then click
preview to show your picture ,then OK.

_ C _ Go to Interface tab and in “Run before mini-setup” section give infor mation
below (as you see in pic_02-:):
Note: as i told in step 9 you can put other tools in C:Sysprep directory
that as you see in pic_02-B,i have typed commands for thee other programs to
be integrated to our deployed system and will be run during mini setup.but
for this tutor you do not need them.

_ D _ Go to Reseal tab select your favorites.

_ E _ Back to General tab and click on sysprep

12.Spat starts working (About 1 or 2 minutes) then when the job is finished,it’s
window will be closed.wait about 1 minute,then shut Down computer.

13.At this time your C: drive is ready to get ghost image of that.So Boot your
computer by 3rd party,get ghost image of drive C: and put it some where for
example in D:My Ghost

Now every thing are finished,and if you apply this ghost image to drive C: of
any computer,in 1st boot you will have mini setup proccess (about 10 minutes)
and when it is finished ,you will see that it works in all computers and also
all or some of drivers of that computer is installed automatically.This is because
we have used SkyDriver that has many of drivers inside itself in 7zip format (the
size of 7ziped drivers is 161 MB and extracted drivers are about 1.07 GB).

Now If you boot your computer normally,you will have 10 minutes of mini setup
proccess,then you can use you ready windows.this is the same proccess that you
will have if you apply ghost image to another computer.The only difference is
this that in some computers you will not need to install drivers and in some
else you may need to install one or more drivers

I tested this project with 7 different computers by different hardwares all was OK.

hope will be some help

Note that spat 6 is password protected and password is:

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